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    Weather larvik norway If you are about to travel to Larvik Norway in a specific month we recommend to check that page and see the average weather in that month, for example. The arrows point in the direction that the wind is blowing. Compare to make sure! You can change units on our. Predictions are available in time steps of 1 hour for up to 3 days into the future. Different altitude layers can be selected in the top-right menu. Winters are relatively moderate and rainy with little snow or frost. Precipitation is estimated from radar and satellites. The visibility is going to be around 20 km i. Larvik, Norway visibility is going to be around 20 km i. Not only is our superforecast based on an improved physical model and terrain model, it is also calculated using a higher horizontal resolution, resulting in better forecasts especially for local phenomena e. High clouds and clouds with vertical development are displayed in white, low clouds and fog in grey. Check the wind statistics for Larvik when you want to find the best last minute travel destination for your kiteboarding, windsurfing or sailing vacation in Norway. Wind Temperature last 30 days -1. Winters are dark and have more snow than other parts of the country. Time of origin for the Larvik forecasts: Issued Normally updated Short term forecast 29 Mar, 10:27 by 12:00 Long term weather larvik norway 29 Mar, 11:04 by 12:00 The short term forecast is valid until Sunday, 2. Weather Larvik Current weather in Larvik and weather forecast in Larvik for the next day. Forecasts are computed 4 times per day. Weather larvik norway The Superforecast is available for Europe, North America, South Africa, Egypt and the Canary Islands. These are often servile by sailors, kiters, surfers, windsurfers or paragliders. A lot of the data on Yr is free to use in custodes and services. Tomorrow weather is forecasted to be partly cloudy. Partly cloudy will be the weather pattern for the Monday. Our forecast updates every 3 hours and enable you to check the weather forecast for the next 14 days in Larvik.

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